How to Improve the Interoperability of Digital (ICT) Systems in the Energy Sector

Johann Schütz, Mathias Uslar, Jürgen Meister, Julia Köhlke
ISGAN 2021
This report has been prepared within the framework of ISGAN Annex 6 and focuses on the question “How to improve the interoperability of digital (ICT) systems in the (electric) energy sector?”. The paper presents and discusses various approaches for designing the system-of-systems, different approaches for enabling and verifying the ICT-interoperability in Smart Grids and motivates the need for interoperability improvements in energy sector. It does so by looking at existing approaches commonly used to improve the interoperability of digital systems both with the energy sector as in other domains, and to learn lessons from them.
March / 2021
International Smart Grids Action Network