Julia Köhlke, M.A. Researcher

M.A. Julia Köhlke

Position at OFFIS


Research and Developement Division

Energie / Entwurf und Bewertung standardisierter Systeme

Competence Cluster

Architecture Frameworks (AF)

Position at the University

PhD Student

Research Focus

Smart Grids, Socio-Technical Systems, Information Systems, Knowledge Management, System architecture

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OFFIS - Institut für Informatik
Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

of Julia Köhlke, M.A.


Cross-Domain Stakeholder-Alignment in Collaborative SoS - Lego® Serious Play® as a Boundary Object

Julia Köhlke, Sebastian Hanna, Johann Schütz; System of Systems Engineering Conference 2021; June / 2021

How to Improve the Interoperability of Digital (ICT) Systems in the Energy Sector

Johann Schütz, Mathias Uslar, Jürgen Meister, Julia Köhlke; ISGAN 2021; March / 2021

Perspectives on the Social Embeddedness of the Smart Grid Architecture Model in Innovation Projects

Julia Köhlke, Sabrina Paustian, Jannika Mattes, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Mathias Uslar; September / 2021


A Data exchange platform for enabling DSO–TSO knowledge exchange in the smart grid

Julia Köhlke; CIRED 2020 Berlin Workshop; September / 2020

Maturity Model as an Instrument for Planning socio-technical Innovations in the Smart Grid

Agnetha Flore; Julia Köhlke; Johann Schütz; ICEEE 2020 International Conference on Economics, Energy and Environment; June / 2020

Prospective Expansion of the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform to include TSO-DSO interaction and Wider Market Participation

Mohammed Radi; Gareth Taylor; Fabio Oliveira; Mathias Uslar; Julia Köhlke; CIRED Berlin Workshop Conference Proceedings 2020; September / 2020

Reifegradmodelle als Instrument zur Planung von sozio-technischen Innovationen im Smart Grid

Agnetha Flore; Julia Köhlke; Johann Schütz; Zukünftige Stromnetze 2020; Januar / 2020



Bidirectional Power and Data Flow via Enhanced Portal TSO-DSO Coordination

Mohammed Radi, Gareth Taylor, Nermin Suljanovic, Mathias Uslar, Julia Köhlke; 54th International Universities Power Engineering Conference – UPEC 2019; 09 / 2019

Boundary objects as an approach for overcoming knowledge boundaries in Smart Grid projects

Julia Köhlke; ICREN 2019 Book of Abstracts; April / 2019

Energy Data Flow in Smart Grids - A conceptual model for addressing various use cases

Mohammed Radi, Gareth Taylor, Mathias Uslar, Julia Köhlke; CIRED Conference Proceedings 2019; June / 2019

Learning vs. bridging of Big Data for innovation development in the Smart Grid

Julia Köhlke; AMCIS 2019 Proceedings; August / 2019

of Julia Köhlke, M.A.



Coordination of Transmission and Distribution data eXchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace through Advanced, Scalable and Secure ICT Systems and Tools

Duration: 2017 - 2020