Correct by Prognosis: Methodology for a Contract-based refinement of Evolution Models

Christoph EtzienTayfun Gezgin
CSD&M 2014
The scope of this paper is collaborative, distributed safety critical systems which build up a larger scale system of systems (SoS). Systems in this context are independently designed and can operate autonomously following both global SoS goals and individual goals.A major aspect of SoSs is the evolution over time, i.e. the change of its architecture as a result of changes in the context of the SoS or the changes of individual or global goals.The aim of this paper is to define a modeling concept for evolution specifying all possible changes of the SoS over time. This evolution model is used to generate and analyze future architectures enabling the prediction of future violations of static specifications.We derive so called dynamicity contracts and restrict the evolution model in such a manner, that false architectures are not reached.
Designing for Adaptability and evolutioN in System of systems Engineering