Aligning IT Architecture Analysis and Security Standards for Smart grids

Stefanie Schlegel, Christine Rosinger und Mathias Uslar
Proceedings of the 28th EnviroInfo 2014 Conference
In this paper, an approach using the European Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM), in the context of the NISTIR 7628, is presented. Research has shown that both models and methodologies have particular impact, but have not yet been put into mutual context. Combining these models it is possible for US smart grid experts to re-use the SGAM model and its benefits, and vice versa encourage European stakeholders to use the security analysis framework from NIST. Within this paper, we briefly introduce the methodologies including their strengths and fallbacks. We outline the necessity to make them interoperable and aligning them. Finally, the logical interface framework from NISTIR 7628 is mapped onto the SGAM and its planes, domains and zones, bridging the previous gap.
9 / 2014
BIS-Verlag, Oldenburg