ZEM Sustainable bottleneck management in the transmission grid


The motivation for the project is based on the significantly increasing demand for the transport of electrical energy. This is caused on the one hand by the liberalization of the energy market and on the other hand the energy transition requires increasingly increased availability of transport capacities in transmission networks. Another challenge is the more complex control and regulation operation of transmission networks due to the constantly increasing number of decentralized energy generation. Due to the increased transport demand and the resulting increased probability of bottlenecks,the topic of congestion management is becoming increasingly important in transmission networks.


The aim of the project is to develop new methods for grid monitoring and congestion management in the transmission grid in order to achieve a better utilisation of existing transmission capacities and to reduce the need for transmission grid expansion. In a two-stage process, manual network operation management is to be supported first and then mechanisms for fully automated congestion management are to be developed.


  • SESA-Lab
  • mosaik
Exchangeability of Power Flow Simulators in Smart Grid Co-Simulations with mosaik

Sebastian Lehnhoff, Okko Nannen, Sebastian Rohjans, Florian Schlögl, Stefan Dalhues, Lena Robitzky, Ulf Häger, Christian Rehtanz; IEEE Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems; 04 / 2015

TU Dortmund - Institut für Energiesysteme, Energiewirtschaft und Energieeffizienz (ie3)


Start: 31.08.2014
End: 27.02.2018

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