uGrip Systemdienliches Verhalten von Microgrids durch lokale Märkte


Within the OFFIS part of the uGrip ERANET+ Smart grid project, we focus on two main topical areas. For developing a proper architecture we focus on methodological background for modeling microgrids as well as on requirements elicitation.

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Prof. Hrvoje Pandzic
Simulation: A Case for Interoperability based on LCIM

Mathias Uslar; Judith Schulte; Davood Babazadeh; Florian Schlögl; Maike Rosinger; Proceeding of the INDIN 2017; 08 / 2017

uGrip - Microgrid Positioning

Mathias Uslar, Judith Schulte; Davood Babazadeh; Florian Schlögl; Carsten Krüger; Maike Rosinger; Postersession der SESWA 2017 Graz; 09 / 2017

University of Zagreb - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Končar Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc.
DTU - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Start: 31.03.2016
End: 31.03.2019

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FKZ: 324059

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