The objective of the project UCARE is to develop and establish a Competence Cluster for usability within the Care Sector in order for small and medium-sized software enterprises to make their products fit for purpose and to increase their market value. The aim of the Competence Cluster is to show the benefits of increased usability to the management of SMEs, to act consultatory as well as distributing tools and methods for Usability Engineering within the Care Sector.

UCARE: Entwicklung eines Usability Kompetenzzentrums für die Pflegebranche

S. Timmermanns, C. Trappe, W. Heuten, S. Boll, A. Felscher, B. Gräfe; Proceedings of the 8. AAL-Kongress; 04 / 2015

Zentrale Faktoren bei der Umsetzung von Usability-Engineering bei einem mittelständischen Softwarehersteller in der Pflegebranche

Christoph Trappe, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll, Simon Timmermanns, Stefan Rahner, Dietmar Wolff, Britta Gräfe; Mensch und Computer 2015; 2015

Agile, Mobile und UX - Die Win3 - Konstellation

Fischer, Manuel and Hartwig, Ronald and Hennecke, Fabian and Müller, Johannes and Simon, Frank and Trappe, Christoph and Tewes, Uwe and Huy, Philipp; Usability Professionals 2014; 2014

Towards Best Practice Solutions: Usability Engineering für die Pflegebranche

Trappe, Christoph and Timmermanns, Simon; Workshop-Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Humans and Computers; 2014

UCARE-Cards: Schaffung von Usability-Bewusstsein für die Entwicklung von Software in der Pflege

Erika Root, Simon Timmermanns, Britta Gräfe, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll-Westermann; Wissenschaft trifft Praxis; 2017

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Start: 31.10.2013
End: 30.10.2016

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