SIRKA Sensor-equipped suit for measuring motion sequences


SIRKA aims to build a novel, sensor-equipped suit for measuring motion sequences and physical strain involved in skilled trade without bothering the user in his professional activities.

The main area of application will be the early recognition of risk factors of occupational illnesses. Affected employees will be actively supported in optimizing their motion sequences by technology and complementary physiotherapy. This will help prevent occupational illnesses which mostly occur within the second half of life. On an organizational level, analyses can be used for new, custom-fit operating and work area-specific concepts, which already take relief phases into account during work planning.

The intended sensor-equipped suit contains intelligent sensor knots, which are able to embed various sensors, gather a number of data and locally evaluate data, which allows for an unobtrusive interaction with the user (f.e. improper strain). The employee may then adapt a healthier posture or to take a break. Gathered data will be aggregated to stress indicators, analyzed by occupational health physicians and, in cooperation with the user, individual limits and physiotherapeutic measures will be defined.

The system´s flexibility and size allow for the use in the area of nonrecurring motion sequences, such as welding in shipbuilding or even in rescue service, which is characterized by peak loads that require different movement due to ever changing demands.


External Leader

Jeannine Budelmann
SIRKA: Sensoranzug zur individuellen Rückmeldung körperlicher Aktivität

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Start: 30.04.2014
End: 30.01.2017

Source of funding


FKZ: 16SV6243