SENSE-O (COFFEE) COFFEE - Calculating Optimizations and Forecasts For Energy Efficiency


The project COFFEE - "Calculating Optimizations and Forecasts For Energy Efficiency" aims at the development of an integrated system for the collection, analysis and interpretation of building energy data. A building automation system and an energy analysis tool are merged into a new , integrated system in order to derive recommendations for measures to increase the energy efficiency of private or commercially used buildings on the basis of simulation and measurement data. In order to provide the best possible information to managers on-site, both the preparation of the data base as well as the determination of efficiency measures can be performed on mobile devices (e.g. tablet PCs ) with limited computational capabilities . OFFIS contributes a software tool for the identification of weaknesses and anomalies in the energy consumption of a building by means of machine learning methods ( support vector classification).


Further information can be found at

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH
Loytec GmbH
Envidatec GmbH
Cap3 GmbH


Start: 31.05.2013
End: 30.05.2015

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