ROBOSEM Development of a Smart Nanorobot for Sensor-based Handling in a Scanning Electron Microscope


This project has moved since 1st December 2004 to the newly founded OFFIS R&D Division MN (ROBOSEM).

Within the ROBOSEM project, a nanohandling robot system for a desktop SEM station will be developed, with a powerful sensory support and very high flexibility. To enable powerful sensor feedback, a robot sensor system consisting of video cameras and tactile-/force microsensors integrated into the manipulators will be developed. To ensure the real-time processing of sensor data, a PC-based parallel computer system will be developed and special techniques of data processing, especially neuro-fuzzy based ones, implemented. Three prototypes will be build up and evaluated: microassembly in a SEM, nanotesting in a SEM and cell handling for genomic.




Start: 31.03.2002
End: 30.03.2005