REMARK Resilienz im digitalisierten Stromsystem: Toolbox zur Bewertung von Systemdienstleistungsmärkten


The increasing digital interconnection of distributed energy systems, grid resources and energy and ancillary markets creates new opportunities and risks with regard to the resilience of the electrical energy supply. An important building block for the efficient implementation of resilient energy systems with high shares of renewable energies are regional ancillary service markets on the distribution grid level. In this context, market actors, grid operators and regulators are confronted with questions regarding incentives for active participation, level of digitalization and simultaneous effects on the electrical infrastructure. The REMARK toolbox to be developed in the project will contribute to answering these questions.


Development of an end-to-end usable toolbox for the specification, simulation and analysis of the interaction of ancillary service markets, market participants and digitalized energy systems in terms of resilient system design and system operation. In the future, the toolbox to be developed will enable the evaluation of the feedback effects between market rules in the area of ancillary services, the behavior of the players within the framework of these market rules, the degree of digitalization of the market processes and the resilience of the power grid.


Co-Simulation, Power Grid Simulation, Energy Market Simulation, Multi-Agent Learning, Multi-Agent System.


External Leader

Marius Buchmann (Jacobs University Bremen)
Jacobs University Bremen


Start: 01.01.2022
End: 31.12.2024

Source of funding