Regional Monitoring Development of a Regional Monitoring Dashboard


The Metropolitan Region Northwest Germany has realized that regional monitoring is an important information platform for external users and regional actors, which is frequently used and which is to be continuously expanded. The purpose of regional monitoring is to enable the demographic, economic, social and ecological development to be considered, thereby supporting the development of strategies for dealing with demographic change. In the project, the concept of regional monitoring is to be reorganized together with the Office for Economic Development of Oldenburg, the Metropolitan Region Northwest Germany, the municipal cooperation of Lower Saxony and Bremen, the Federal Bureaus of Statistics of Lower Saxony and Bremen, and other regional partners as well as the regio institute. The exemplary implementation of the new regional monitoring dashboard is carried out by OFFIS.


External Leader

Ina Lehnert-Jenisch
Stadt Oldenburg, Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung
regio GmbH - Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Informationssysteme


Start: 31.08.2016
End: 30.12.2017

Source of funding

Metropolregion Nordwest