POPEYE Professional Peer Environment Beyond Edge Computing


POPEYE (Professional Peer Environment Beyond Edge Computing) is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) funded under IST Call 5 of the EU`s 6th Framework Program, focusing on supporting dynamic spontaneous collaborative group working environments with autonomous coordination and knowledge management support. The project has a duration of 24 months, with start date 1st May 2006.


Collaborative Working Environments (CWEs) are information systems which allow for communication and collaboration within groups, organizations or communities. New challenges for CWEs result from the spreading of mobile devices in the field of communication, data access and group management. When most of the currently available tools supporting collaboration exploit a rigid client-server architecture and rely on a communication infrastructure like the Internet, POPEYE` ambition is to get collaborative working free from such constraints.


In this setting, the project will consider P2P over wireless ad hoc groups, where fixed infrastructure is not a prerequisite, where virtual communities can emerge spontaneously and share data with the appropriate quality of service (persistence, synchronisation, security,...).


Overall, POPEYE will:


draw out an integrated overlay networking architecture that combines the stability and performance of infrastructure networks (when available) with the flexibility and spontaneous character of mobile ad hoc communications;

develop a communication platform to provide efficient P2P management and communication primitives;

develop higher-level context-aware, secure and personalised core services to facilitate application development by allowing the combination of user preferences with ambience information, such as time, location, user activity, and peers` presence.


The POPEYE infrastructure will be assessed through representative and challenging selected mobility-enabled peer-to-peer e-collaboration applications and two demonstration events will be organised.

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Start: 30.04.2006
End: 29.04.2008

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