PANDIA Platform for the analysis of data usage conditions of interactive assistance systems


Apps and assistance systems support us in sports and staying healthy, in navigation or in communication via text, voice or video. It is essential for the systems to collect and process data. Only then can they adapt their functions to the end user or guarantee them in the first place. Health tips, for example, naturally collect and process user health data. Without the recording of a video and thus an image of the user, no video conference can take place and a navigation system is useless if it does not know the current location of the user. And yet, the systems on the market differ in terms of what data is collected, how it is used, processed and passed on. The users themselves are often unaware of this or only partially aware of it. Nevertheless, every user has agreed to the use of his data in accordance with the specifications of this application within the framework of the agreement to the data use regulations. In practice, the data protection regulations contain legal and technical formulations that are difficult or impossible for laypersons to understand.

PANDIA is developing an AI-based automated verification and evaluation of the data use regulations of interactive assistance systems. PANDIA thus provides a first overview of what has to be taken into account in the analyzed interactive assistance system and which data is stored, transmitted or processed by whom in which way and at which location. The collected findings are stored in the central public directory Pandipedia and made available to the general public. This enables users to compare different data usage conditions of similar systems and to obtain well-founded information about the handling of their personal data.

The task of OFFIS is to prepare the results of the analysis in an easily understandable way for the end user. OFFIS develops and tests different possibilities of visualization together with potential users.


External Leader

Gerald Neu, snoopmedia GmbH

Scientific Director

Corona-Warn-App: Erste Ergebnisse einer Onlineumfrage zur (Nicht-)Nutzung und Gebrauch

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Informed ShoppAR - Visualizing Privacy Information in Augmented Reality

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Ascora GmbH
FIZ (Fachinformationszentrum) Karlsruhe
snoopmedia GmbH
KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


Start: 01.03.2020
End: 28.02.2023

Source of funding

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung