NavMem Navigation Support for Older Travellers with Memory Decline


The aim of the project NavMem (Navigation Support for Older Travellers with Memory Decline) is the development of a mobile companion for people with memory decline in order to support their navigation and orientation and at the same time promote a feeling of safety. The 3-years project is granted within the scope of the European Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program (AAL JP) and co-funded by national funding agency and the EU. Six other partners from Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Great Britain are taking part in this project with OFFIS as the project’s coordinator.

Age-associated memory deficiency and slight cognitive impairment, caused, e.g., by a stroke, often affect the ability to orientate oneself and to navigate targetedly. Affected people often are afraid to move in new and unknown environments because they fear to loose orientation. They draw back, especially from social life.
The companion developed in NavMem diminishes these barriers. Moreover, the user unobtrusively and non-stigmatising receives navigation information, for example by the vibration of a Smartphone in the user’s pocket. According to demand he can picture the surroundings. In case of disorientation, relatives, friends or care givers are informed: they receive the exact coordinates and data of the environment so assistance can be offered to the person concerned.


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Swedish Stroke Association
University of Lund
Astando AB
Roessingh Research and Development


Start: 30.09.2012
End: 29.09.2015

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