Because of the demographic change, the increase in long- term illnesses and shorter hospital treatment, a continuous out-patient treatment becomes increasingly important in order to handle a therapy process seamlessly. In this project, existing technologies and current research findings are linked to a new and compatible system. With this, it is aimed at improving the in-home- care situation of people suffering from dementia. The region of Quakenbrück and the Oldenburg Munsterland, which are particularly predestined for this project, were selected as pilot regions. The project of Mneme tests suitable technologies within the domestic environment. Infrastructures and organisational structures are implemented and the gained data are certified by specialists.At the end of the project, a proven business model for tele-medical support within the domestic sphere will be developed.


Mneme - Telemonitoring for medical treatment-support in dementia

Wallbaum, Torben and Frenken, Melina and Meyer, Jochen and Hein, Andreas and Giehoff, Carsten; 6 Deutscher AAL-Kongress 2013 (AAL 2013); 001 / 2013

Unterstützung von Demenz-Betroffenen durch Home-Tele-Monitoring

Giehoff, Carsten and Wallbaum, Torben and Rahn, Andreas and Rolf, Claus and Boerner, Reinhard J. and Neitzel, Lothar and Link, Irene; 009 / 2013

Acceptance of sensor networks by dementia patients

Wallbaum, Torben and Frenken, Melina and Meyer, Jochen and Hein, Andreas; 7 Deutscher AAL-Kongress 2014 (AAL 2014); 01 / 2014

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Start: 02.05.2012
End: 01.05.2013