MM4U A Framework for Creating Personalized Multimedia Content


Multimedia content today can be considered as the composition of media elements into an interactive multimedia presentation. Personalization of such multimedia content means that the content reflects the user`s context, their specific background and interest as well as the heterogeneous infrastructure to which the content is delivered and in which it is presented. To achieve personalized multimedia content a manual creation of many different documents for all the different user contexts, however, is not feasible let alone economical. Rather a dynamic process of selecting and assembling personalized multimedia content depending on the user context seems reasonable. Multimedia authoring today is seen as the static creation of multimedia content. First research approaches in the field of dynamic generation of personalized multimedia content are limited with regard to their expressiveness of the personalization task and the user features they can personalize to. Whenever the content personalization task is more complex, these systems need to employ additional programming. Consequently, with MM4U (short for "multimedia for you"), we propose a generic and modular framework to support multimedia content personalization applications in this multimedia software development process.


The framework provides generic components for typical tasks of the multimedia content personalization. These tasks are the access to user profile information, media and associated metadata information, support for personalized multimedia composition, and the creation and rendering of the context-aware multimedia presentations. With such a framework the development of multimedia applications becomes easier and much more efficient for different users with their different (semantic) contexts. Applications we currently develop on the basis of our framework are a personalized sightseeing guide and a personalized multimedia sports news ticker.


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Start: 31.01.2003
End: 30.01.2005