MIRAGE Multi-Purpose Battery Storage Swarm


Battery storage systems are an important component of an energy supply system that is primarily based on the use of renewable energies. The flexibility of battery storage systems makes it possible to compensate for short-term fluctuations of supply-dependent wind power and photovoltaic systems and to bring them into line with the energy requirements of households, trade and industry. In order to use today's still comparatively expensive storage systems economically and technically in an optimal way, OFFIS, in close cooperation with the Leibniz University of Hannover and be.storaged GmbH, is investigating the possibilities of a multi-purpose use of battery storage. For this purpose, individual storage systems are networked to form a storage swarm in order to market the resulting degrees of freedom on different flexibility markets. Modern methods from machine learning and distributed artificial intelligence are used to analyse, forecast and optimise flexibility potentials in a distributed way.


External Leader

Stefanie Holly
Battery Storage Demonstration Projects: an Overview across Europe

Divshali, Poria Hasanpor and Mäki, Kari and Evens, Corentin and Papadimitriou, Christina and Efthymiou, Venizelos and Nieße, Astrid and Holly, Stefanie and Marinelli, Mattia and Gabderakhmanova, Tatiana and Meléndez, Joaquim and others; 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe; 2021

A Multi-Criteria Metaheuristic Algorithm for Distributed Optimization of Electric Energy Storage

Schrage, Rico and Tiemann, Paul Hendrik and Niesse, Astrid; SIGENERGY Energy Inform. Rev.; 0feb / 2023

be.storaged GmbH
Leibniz Universität Hannover - Fachgebiet Energieinformatik
Leibniz Universtität Hannover - Fachgebiet Elektrische Energiespeichersysteme


Start: 29.04.2019
End: 29.11.2020

Source of funding

Industrial direct assignment of EWE AG

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