MiCROW Development of a desktop microfactory


Human and technical capabilities are at their limit when it comes to innovations on the micro-scale. Precise assembly with micrometer accuracy remains a challenge. MiCROW is a project to transfer the knowledge and proficiency of micro and nanohandling into a flexible microfactory (MiCROW). This machine will allow for intuitive handling and assembly of smallest components with very high precision. MiCROW’s benefits are its compactness, tele-operated and intuitive handling, a variety of available tools and its customizability. The aim of this project is to develop MiCROW with its tools and achieving market maturity. It is planned to start up a company during the project to successfully promote microhandling and microassembly at reasonable costs.

Teleoperierte Montage von Mikrosystemen mit MiCROW

Mikczinski, Manuel and Fifelski, Konrad and Elfert, Patrick and Biering, Benny and Tiemerding, Tobias; Proc. of Landshuter Symposium Mikrosystemtechnik (LSMST) 2016; 2016

Präzise Handhabung mit teleoperierter Mikromontage

Manuel Mikczinski, Tobias Tiemerding, Benny Biering; Mikroproduktion; 11 / 2015

Universität Oldenburg
TETRA Gesellschaft für Sensorik, Robotik und Automation mbH


Start: 30.09.2014
End: 30.03.2016

Source of funding

Exist BMWi