MiCROW Development of a desktop microfactory


Human and technical capabilities are at their limit when it comes to innovations on the micro-scale. Precise assembly with micrometer accuracy remains a challenge. MiCROW is a project to transfer the knowledge and proficiency of micro and nanohandling into a flexible microfactory (MiCROW). This machine will allow for intuitive handling and assembly of smallest components with very high precision. MiCROW’s benefits are its compactness, tele-operated and intuitive handling, a variety of available tools and its customizability. The aim of this project is to develop MiCROW with its tools and achieving market maturity. It is planned to start up a company during the project to successfully promote microhandling and microassembly at reasonable costs.

Präzise Handhabung mit teleoperierter Mikromontage

Manuel Mikczinski, Tobias Tiemerding, Benny Biering; Mikroproduktion; 11 / 2015

Teleoperierte Montage von Mikrosystemen mit MiCROW

Mikczinski, Manuel and Fifelski, Konrad and Elfert, Patrick and Biering, Benny and Tiemerding, Tobias; Proc. of Landshuter Symposium Mikrosystemtechnik (LSMST) 2016; 2016

Universität Oldenburg
TETRA Gesellschaft für Sensorik, Robotik und Automation mbH


Start: 30.09.2014
End: 30.03.2016

Source of funding

Exist BMWi