LOCCATA Location-based and context-aware mobile multimodal hiking guide application


Loccata (Location-Based and Context-Aware Mobile Multimodal Hiking Guide Application) is a pilot project for the new european satellite navigation system GALILEO in the region Montafon in Austria. It is supported within the scope of the Galileo Joint Undertaking research and development activities in the 6th Framework Programme.


The idea of the project is to assist hikers on their hiking route, e.g. by presenting information about the route or warnings of dangerous areas. Furthermore the hikers can receive additional information about special locations and they are able to inform themselves broadly about the region. The presentation occurs multimodal and multilingual.


Additional information about highlights of the natural and cultural landscape creates a higher hiking experience.

Beside image and text the hikers receive information via speech, so they have free sight and free hands.

GALILEO, the european satellite navigation system, allows a precise and reliable location.

The system cautions the hikers about current danger areas and provides information about the selected route.

An effective knowledge transfer is achieved by giving the hikers the possibility to ask for multilingual location-based information at any time.

Loccata enables new services for guests in the areas of habitation, wellness, culture and entertainment.


Internal Leader

Scientific Director

Loccata -- Entwicklung eines mobilen Wanderführers im Montafon

Boll, Susanne and Wichmann, Daniel and Ahlers, Dirk and Meyer, Jochen and Rüf, Franz and ; mTourism -- Mobile Dienste im Tourismus; 006 / 2010

telesis GmbH
Stand Montafon
Schruns-Tschaggus Tourismus GmbH


Start: 28.02.2006
End: 20.09.2009

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