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Interoperability  is  essential  for  the  success  of  the  energy  transition  and  contributes  to  the
investment  protection  for  the  users  as  well  as  the  manufacturers.  A normalized use of technical standards for interfaces and communication protocols is a central requirement for cost-effective system integration. Seamless interoperability in the Smart Grid is important, because the change takes place gradually and new components must be integrated into an existing system. The purpose  of  the  project  IES  is  the  design  of  a  modular  process  chain  to  achieve interoperability.
The description of the processes and the practical implementation is to be vendor-neutral, in order to ensure long-term interoperability and acceptance in energy domain. The transparency of the method
and  the  open  database  for  technical  specifications  and  profiles  should  be  accessible  for technology providers for interoperable products and services. In this way interoperability will create increasing competition with decreasing prices for better products on binding security level.


As  a  basis  in  the  project  serve  the  standards  of  the  CEN-CENELEC-ETSI  Smart  Grid Coordination  Group  (SGCG/M490)  and  the  approach  for  interoperability  of  the  IHE (Integrating  the  Healthcare  Enterprise). Additionally, the EIF (European Interoperability Framework) recommends to formalize cooperation arrangements in interoperability agreements, addressing legal, organizational, semantic and technical interoperability. With the EIF and IHE process, there is a proper way to assess and test for interoperability of technical solutions that will be transferred to the Smart Grid domain during the project.

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This project „IES“ is completely conform with the latest press release from the European Commission „Commission sets out path to digitize European industry“ (Brussels, 19 April 2016) concerning its strategy to create a Digital Single Market

To reach this goal of comprehensive ICT standardisation Europe needs the convergence of the essential digital technology building blocks: 5G communication, cloud computing, IoT, (big) data technologies and cyber security to reach interoperability for the clearly named focal areas: Smart Energy, eHealth, Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligent Transport Systems.


The purpose  of  the  project  IES  is  the  design  of  a  modular  process  chain  to  achieve interoperability, starting with the selection of use cases and the necessary standards for the realization, specification of a normalized use of these standards in interoperability profiles at different  levels,  their  implementation,  and  ending  with  a  demonstration  of  the  test  for interoperability.
This shall be done by transferring and adapting an established methodology from the healthcare sector to the energy domain. A result of the project is a detailed documented process for the normalized usage of standards for Smart Grids.


External Leader

Dr. Angela Berger
Smart Grid Interoperability Profiles Development

Matthias Frohner, Marion Gottschalk, Gerald Franzl, Richard Pasteka, Mathias Uslar, Stefan Sauermann; IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications; 10 / 2017

Solving Interoperabtility Problems using Standard-based Profiles

Matthias Frohner; Marion Gottschalk; Georg Franzl; Karl Knöbl; Mathias Uslar; Stefan Sauermann; Angela Berger; Postersession der SESWA 2017 Graz; 08 / 2017

Interoperabilität im Datenaustausch in der Energiewirtschaft - Vom Use Case zum Test der Integrationsprofile

Gerald Franzl, Marion Gottschalk, Matthias Frohner, Valerie Reif, Georg Koch, Angela Berger; 15. Symposium Energieinnovation 2018; 0February / 2018

Structured workflow achieving interoperable Smart Energy systems

Marion Gottschalk, Gerald Franzl, Matthias Frohner, Richard Pasteka, Mathias Uslar; Energy Informatics; 0October / 2018

From Integration Profiles to Interoperability Testing for Smart Energy Systems at Connectathon Energy

Marion Gottschalk, Gerald Franzl, Matthias Frohner, Richard Pasteka, Mathias Uslar; Methods and Concepts for Designing and Validating Smart Grid Systems; 12 / 2018

Tiani Spirit GmbH
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
Sprecher Automation GmbH
AICO EDV-Beratung
Technologieplattform Smart Grids Austria


Start: 01.03.2016
End: 31.05.2019

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