IDUNN A Cognitive Detection System For Cybersecure Operational Technologies


To meet the challenges of globalization in the light of increasingly complex decentralized production and service chains, companies are increasingly relying on digital methods such as the virtual exchange and usage of shared data. The convergence of IT and OT systems required for this, which is based on the intertwining of ICT infrastructure, also entails the emergence of new digital security challenges in addition to the propagated potential of Industry 4.0, which is progressing just as dynamically as the evolution of digital ecosystems.

The IDUNN project aims to show companies, which find themselves caught in a dichotomy between the need to advance digitally on the one hand and the accompanying digital risks on the other, a way to continue to assert themselves on the market by developing a security shield in the form of tools, methods, microservices and initial standards that are compatible with any ICT infrastructure.    


The project will demonstrate a secure Continuity Plan for ICT based organisations by creating and validating a unique Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies.

  1. Increasing trust in IT and OT systems as parts of the ICT infrastructure
  2. Reducing the labor force required to ensure increasingly sophisticated cyber security
  3. Increasing available response time while reducing recovery time from critical digital events
  4. Ensuring business continuity by securing digital technologies, services, and tools


Within the project, OFFIS provides knowledge in the field of standardisation in order to adequately pass on and document results to third parties. Use case templates according to IEC 62559-2 and misuse case templates are used for this purpose. The main contributions of OFFIS are the extension of the specification of the holistic process for designing experiments to corresponding use cases and the provision of the co-simulation infrastructure via the SESA laboratory as well as the IHE methodology (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).


External Leader

Cristóbal Arellano Bartolomé
Grupo S21 Sec Gestion
Fagor Arrasate S. Coop


Start: 01.09.2021
End: 31.08.2024

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Source of funding

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101021911.