Gesundheit NRW


 The “Institut für Arbeit und Gesundheit des Landes Nordrhein- Westfalen” (LIGA NRW, formerly LÖGD) gathers GMK indicators and displays the health information on its website. In order to increase the benefit of this information for political decision-makers and the interested public, the portal´s offer is to be extended. Therefore, the new information system „Gesundheit NRW“ is developed.  This system will offer more flexibility regarding displaying the GMK- charts in a graphical way, and with interactive templates it will be possible to compare different indicators and to copy time series for own analyses. Moreover, the graphic displays are complemented by short, commenting texts.
In order to provide the enlarged functionality with contemporary technology, the process/system of storing, processing and displaying the indicators was redesigned.
A Data Warehouse System is the core of the new Information System. All raw data is integrated and securely stored in a central database. Supported by the multidimensional analysis tool “MUSTANG”, the indicators are configured and calculated. Using "Cross-Media- Publishing", the indicators are processed via an XML-interface and published as GMK-charts, download-text files and as a basis for data- mining. Especially, the tool InstantAtlas of GeoWise Ltd. which provides the required interactivity for the interested public is supplied with information.
The new system is of advantage for those who use the indicator presentation and at the same time increases effectiveness in data management within LIGA. As a side effect, inhouse analyses, especially comprehensive analyses, in the basic data are made considerably easier.


Landesinstitut für Gesundheit und Arbeit des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


Start: 31.12.2006
End: 30.12.2009