ForschCV Research cooperation with the ChipVision Design Systems AG


The Design-Center regularly provides the OFFIS spin-off company ChipVision with services by evaluating ChipVision`s newest methodologies in the domain of power estimation and optimization of embedded hardware-/ software-systems. The Design-Center thereby focuses on how well these methodologies integrate with established EDA-tools by setting up prototype design-flows and test cases. The Design-Center`s experience in ASIC design makes the cooperation particularly valuable for the evaluation of ChipVision`s newest software products.


Scientific Director

Comparing Executable Specifications regarding Power at Algorithmic Level (ANSI-C/SystemC)

Poppen, Frank and Jährling, Alexander and Nebel, Wolfgang; 003 / 2007

ChipVision Design Systems AG


Start: 30.04.2003
End: 30.12.2012