ERIGrid European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out


Past and ongoing research activities had their focus mainly on the validation of certain aspects of the smart grid. However, an integrated approach for analysing and evaluating of complex configurations in a cyber-physical system has not yet been available. The lack of solutions for smart grid validation on system level is addressed in the project ERIGrid. Within ERIGrid pan-european research infrastructures are made available. Thus technology development and introducing smart grid solutions and concepts is supported.

The ERIGrid project follows an integrated approach and research services for analysing, validation and testing smart grid configurations are improved. A main aspect of the project is to promote education for industrial and academic researchers by offering an exchange opportunity. Above that the access to the SESA lab to external researches is made available.

The main contributions of OFFIS are the specification of a holistic process for defining and designing experiments for certain use cases and providing the co-simulation infrastructure via the SESA-Lab and mosaik.


External Leader

Thomas Strasser (AIT)
Towards a Foundation for Holistic Power System Validation and Testing

Marita Blank, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Kai Heussen, Esteban Bondy, Thomas Strasser, Cyndi Moyo; Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA); 09 / 2016

Towards holistic power distribution system validation and testing—an overview and discussion of different possibilities

Thomas Strasser, Filip Pröstl Andrén, Georg Lauss, Roland Bründlinger, Helfried Brunner, Cyndi Moyo, Christian Seitl, Sebastian Rohjans, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Peter Palensky, Panos Kotsampopoulos, Nikos Hatziargyriou, Gunter Arnold, Wolfram Heckmann, Erik Jong, Maurizio Verga, Giorgio Franchioni, Luciano Martini, Anna Kosek, Oliver Gehrke, Henrik Bindner, Federico Coffele, Graeme Burt, Mihai Calin, Emilio Rodriguez-Seco; e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik; 12 / 2016

Smart Grid Co-Simulation with MOSAIK and HLA: A Comparison Study

Cornelius Steinbrink, Arjen A. van der Meer, Milos Cvetkovic, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Rohjans, Peter Palensky, Sebastian Lehnhoff; 6th D-A-CH+ Conference on Energy Informatics; 0Oktober / 2017

An Integrated Research Infrastructure for Validating Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

T. I. Strasser , C. Moyo , R. Bründlinger, S. Lehnhoff , M. Blank ,P. Palensky, A. A. van der Meer , K. Heussen, O. Gehrke, J. E. Rodriguez ,J. Merino , C. Sandroni , M. Verga , M. Calin , A. Khavari , M. Sosnina ,E. de Jong , S. Rohjans , A. Kulmala, K. Mäki , R. Brandl, F. Coffele ,G. M. Burt, P. Kotsampopoulos, and N. Hatziargyriou; 8th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems; 0August / 2017

Validating Intelligent Power and Energy Systems – A Discussion of Educational Needs

P. Kotsampopoulos , N. Hatziargyriou , T. I. Strasser , C. Moyo ,S. Rohjans , C. Steinbrink , S. Lehnhoff , P. Palensky , A. A. van der Meer ,D. E. Morales Bondy , K. Heussen, M. Calin , A. Khavari , M. Sosnina ,J. E. Rodriguez , G. M. Burt; 8th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems; 0August / 2017

Simulation-based Validation of Smart Grids – Status Quo and Future Research Trends

C. Steinbrink , S. Lehnhoff , S. Rohjans , T. I. Strasser , E. Widl , C. Moyo ,G. Lauss , F. Lehfuss , M. Faschang , P. Palensky , A. A. van der Meer ,K. Heussen , O. Gehrke , E. Guillo-Sansano , M. H. Syed , A. Emhemed ,R. Brandl , V. H. Nguyen , A. Khavari , Q. T. Tran , P. Kotsampopoulos ,N. Hatziargyriou , N. Akroud , E. Rikos , M. Z. Degefa; 8th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems; 0August / 2017

Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Modeling, Test Specification, and Co-Simulation Based Testing

A. A. van der Meer, P. Palensky, K. Heussen, D. E. Morales Bondy, O. Gehrke, C. Steinbrink,M. Blank, S. Lehnhoff, E. Widl, C. Moyo, T. I. Strasser, V. H. Nguyen, N. Akroud, M. H. Syed,A. Emhemed, S. Rohjans, R. BrandlA. M. Khavari; 2017 Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems; 0August / 2017

Future perspectives of co-simulation in the smart grid domain

Steinbrink, Cornelius and Schlogl, Florian and Babazadeh, Davood and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Rohjans, Sebastian and Narayan, Anand; 2018 IEEE International Energy Conference, ENERGYCON 2018; 0June / 2018

Design of Experiments aided Holistic Testing of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Arjen A. van der Meer, Cornelius Steinbrink, Kai Heussen, Daniel E. Morales Bondy, Merkebu Z. Degefa, Filip Pröstl Andrén, Thomas I. Strasser, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Peter Palensky; 2018 Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (MSCPES); 2018

ERIGrid Holistic Test Description for Validating Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Heussen, Kai and Steinbrink, Cornelius and Abdulhadi, Ibrahim F. and Nguyen, Van Hoa and Degefa, Merkebu Z. and Merino, Julia and Jensen, Tue V. and Guo, Hao and Gehrke, Oliver and Bondy, Daniel Esteban Morales and et al.; Energies; 0July / 2019

Operational testing of virtual and physical IEDs using GOOSE for protection application

Shoaib Ansari, Pratyush Das, Dennis Weller, Petra Raussi, Davood Babazadeh; Proceedings for The 15th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection; 0March / 2020

Virtualization Management Concept for Flexible and Fault-tolerant Smart Grid Service Provision

Attarha, Shadi and Narayan, Anand and Hage Hassan, Batoul and Krüger, Carsten and Castro, Felipe and Babazadeh, Davood and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Energies; 0May / 2020

An Adaptive Load Voltage Support Control Strategy for Inverter-based Renewable Energy Conversion System

Mahdi Shahparasti, Payam Teimourzadeh Baboli; Journal of Operation and Automation in Power Engineering; 10 / 2019

Education and Training Needs, Methods, and Tools

Kotsampopoulos, P. and Jensen, T. V. and Babazadeh, D. and Strasser, T. I. and Rikos, E. and Nguyen, V. H. and Tran, Q. T. and Bhandia, R. and Guillo-Sansano, E. and Heussen, K. and Narayan, A. and Nguyen, T. L. and Burt, G. M. and Hatziargyriou, N.; European Guide to Power System Testing: The ERIGrid Holistic Approach for Evaluating Complex Smart Grid Configurations; 2020

Experiences with System-Level Validation Approach

P Teimourzadeh Baboli, D Babazadeh, D Siagkas, S Manikas, K Anastasakis, J Merino; European Guide to Power System Testing; 2020

Test Procedure and Description for System Testing

K. Heussen, D. Babazadeh, M. Z. Degefa, H. Taxt, J. Merino, V. H. Nguyen, P. Teimourzadeh Baboli, A. Moghim Khavari, E. Rikos, L. Pellegrino, Q. T. Tran, T. V. Jensen, P. Kotsampopoulos, T. I. Strasser; European Guide to Power System Testing; 2020

Application of a Testing Chain Methodology for Improving Power Converter Controllers

Merkebu Z. Degefa, Henning Taxt, Luigi Pellegrino, Julia Merino, Adrian Jimenez, Anand Narayan, Catalin Gavriluta, Thomas I. Strasser; 46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON2020)) ; 2020

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