EASE AI-based assistance for forensic investigations at sea


Recent cases in the past have shown that manual investigation activities on reported incidents at sea constitute a significant part of the daily work of safety authorities and organisations. Overall, it can be observed that the work processes and supporting tools are often not optimally tailored to the needs of the user groups involved, so that some investigations can only be carried out with a significant time lag. But especially at the beginning of an incident, fast action and targeted measures are of decisive importance. In terms of prevention, it is just as important to process incidents promptly and efficiently in order to have a deterrent effect on future criminal action.

In EASE, innovative AI procedures with completely new assistance and interaction technologies are to be researched and evaluated in order to significantly improve the efficiency of forensic investigation activities in the maritime sector and, in particular, to drastically improve the reconnaissance rate in time-critical cases. The aim is to develop task-oriented interaction concepts that support maritime actors according to the situation. The knowledge gained should potentially serve all authorities and organisations with security tasks, national and international security centres, as well as commercial actors such as shipping companies or operators of maritime infrastructures.

Efficient Exploration of Long Data Series: A Data Event-driven HMI Concept

Bertram Wortelen, Viviane Herdel, Oliver Pfeiffer, Marie-Christin Harre, Marcel Saager, Mathias Lanezki; Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (Extended Abstracts); 19-24 July / 2020



Start: 01.11.2019
End: 30.04.2022

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