C3World Connected Cars in a Connected World


What impact on the car of tomorrow will result from the rapid propagation of wireless data transmission? What does the customer dream of? What can scientists and engineers achieve in joint action? What is economically sensible?


The research group „C3World – Connected Cars in a Connected World“ was constituted to have a deeper insight into these questions. C3World comprises Niccimon (Competence Cluster of Lower Saxony for Information Systems for Mobile Usage) and the research department of Volkswagen. It is funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.


Three main topics are in the focus of C3World`s interest:

First: A solid basis for the data exchange between cars (Car-to-Car-Communication) and between car and static environment (Car-to-Infrastructure-Communication) shall be established.

Second: New location based services shall bring the world wide web into the car. The prospective car navigator shall be a comprehensive information terminal for driver and passengers.

Third: Cutting edge ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technologies will be examined with regard to their usability in and around cars.


In summary the research results will help to make communication less expensive and more convenient. Additionally they will boost the efficiency and security of traffic and will therefore be an aid in a more ecological consumption of resources.


Aside from these main objectives the research group will create the technological preconditions for spin-off companies that will develop market-ready products from the evolving prototypes.


Niccimon is a consortium of three academic institutes in Lower Saxony: The Institute for Information Technology OFFIS e.V. in Oldenburg, the Institute for Communications Technology, Technical University Brunswick and the Institute of Communications Engineering, Leibnitz University Hanover.

It aims at pooling the research activities in the domain of mobile communication.

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Leibniz Universität Hannover - Institut für Kommunikationstechnik (ANT)
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Volkswagen AG


Start: 31.03.2007
End: 27.03.2012