AwareMe Support of self-management for patients with psychiatric behavioural disorders


Psychological disorders result in a high level of suffering and reduced quality of life for the affected. A multimodal therapeutic approach promises the highest chances of success during treatment. Self-management is an important tool to deal with an illness on a day-to-day basis.


The goal of the project AwareMe is to develop a modular and interactive medical technology that's worn on the body and which supports the self-management of psychological disorders for young adults unobtrusively in everday life. As a model a wearable medical technology for ADHD is being developed. The project aims to detect symptoms that are relevant for this disorder by using unobtrisve sensors that are worn on the body. These sensors provide information about both the current situation and tracked over the course of a day or longer timespans. Current moods and self-evaluations are queried through a mobile device in appropriate moments. Beyond contemplation the wearable technology can also be used as a means for direct intervention in concrete situations.


The project fuses and visualizes both objective and subjective data. Collected sensors data, worn on the body, are analazyed "on the body" to be able to give immediate feedback. Additionally, the data is saved on a platform to be compared with other relevant data from different sources and to be used for long-term evaluation and aggregation. This data can be used for individual visualization but can also be anonymized and utilized by medical personell to gain a better understanding of behavioral disorders and therapy.

Chatbot-supported psychoeducation in adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: randomised controlled trial

Selaskowski, Benjamin and Reiland, Meike and Schulze, Marcel and Aslan, Behrem and Kannen, Kyra and Wiebe, Annika and Wallbaum, Torben and Boll, Susanne and Lux, Silke and Philipsen, Alexandra and Braun, NIclas; BJPsych Open; 09(6) / 2023

Ascora GmbH
Budelmann Elektronik GmbH
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


Start: 01.04.2017
End: 31.03.2020

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