AERG Advanced Ergonomics on HCI for Satellite Monitor & Control, Problem Analysis, Design & Planning Activities and Support for Critical Operation Phases


The study, financed under a program of the European Space Agency (ESA) examined how the Human-Computer Interface in unmanned spacecraft operations may change within the next decade.

The study focused on collaboration support in the socio-technical system of the ground segment, as well as the evaluation of user experience of modern HCI technologies with existing ESA software applications.

The study followed a human-centered design approach with close participation of users, including observations and user workshops.

First, a task analysis and a technology review were carried out to identify scenarios and user needs. These were incorporated in an interaction design, which focused on the collaboration support.

This interaction design was implemented in a fully functional demonstrator which included an operator console, touch devices and a touch table, and evaluated subsequently.


Human Computer Interfaces
Task Analysis
Human Centered Design
Multitouch interfaces

Impact of Improved Ergonomics, Collaboration, and HCI in Ground Operations: The AERG Study at ESOC

Jan Charles Lenk, Andreas Lüdtke, Alexandr Puchkovskiy, Denis Javaux, Georges Vroonen, Giovanni Scotti, Sonja Sievi, Collin Haddow, Felix Flentge; SpaceOps 2014 Conference ; 05 / 2014

European Space Agency
Terma GmbH
Symbio Concepts & Products SPRL
Astrium GmbH (bis 31.07.2014 - danach Airbus DS GmbH)


Start: 29.02.2012
End: 29.10.2013