AALIANCE2 European Next Generation Ambient Assisted Living Innovation Alliance



The AALIANCE2 project („European Next Generation AAL Innovation Alliance“), promoted by the European Union, aims at finding strategic recommendations on the development in the important European research field of Ambient Assisted Living- systems (AAL). In particular, this means to examine relevant markets such as Europe, North America and Asia in order to identify challenges regarding standardization as well as interoperability and, consequently, to suggest an "AAL-Roadmap" and a strategic research agenda. Here, the project is able to build on results from a previous project completed in 2010 which are now updated and adjusted. In addition, a network of European actors within the AAL-context is set up leading to a permanent and continuous exchange of information between all partners.

OFFIS was invited to take part in the project, which already started end of 2011, and has taken over the management of the work on the subject „Standards and Interoperability“. This includes the construction and maintenance of a list of standards and specifications relevant for the AAL- area (see http://nero.offis.de/projects/aaliance2/start). Furthermore, the realization of two expert workshops on „Standards and Certification“ as well as "Reference Architectures", and last but not least networking and collaborating with national (DKE), international (Japan, the USA) and worldwide (IEC)  operating organizations and businesses.

With this project, OFFIS is enhancing its competences in the area of standardization. Preliminary works can be found within the framework of the IHE, the DKE- working group “AAL- interoperability” and the RAALI project.


External Leader

SSSA/ Prof. Paolo Dario
AAL and Health Services Research – a symbiotic relationship?

Lars Rölker-Denker, Eichelberg, Marco; Hein, Andreas; Proceedings AAL Forum 2013; 2013

Recommendations on Interoperability, Specifications and Standards

Lars Rölker-Denker, Eichelberg, Marco; Hein, Andreas; Tagungsband Ambient Assisted Living, 7. Deutscher AAL-Kongress mit Ausstellung, 21.-22. Januar 2014, Berlin; 01 / 2014

Gesund zu Hause

Lars Rölker-Denker, Marco Eichelberg, Andreas Hein; EHEALTHCOM; 05 / 2013

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento
Tunstall Healthcare Ltd.
Deutsche Telekom
Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation
AGE Platform Europe
Stichting ZuidZorg


Start: 30.09.2011
End: 30.03.2014

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