Eric Veith Scientific Director R&D Division Energy

Eric Veith

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Scientific Director R&D Division Energy

Research and Developement Division


Competence Cluster

Cyber-Resilient Architectures and Security (CRAS), Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)


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Learning new attack vectors from misuse cases with deep reinforcement learning

Veith, Eric and Wellßow, Arlena and Uslar, Mathias; Frontiers in Energy Research; 2023



Application of Recurrent Graph Convolutional Networks to the Neural State Estimation Problem

Alexander Berezin, Stephan Balduin, Thomas Oberließen, Eric Veith, Sebastian Peter, and Sebastian Lehnhoff; International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications; 2022

Mit Künstlicher Intelligenz zu nachhaltigen Geschäftsmodellen – Nachhaltigkeit von, durch und mit KI

Boll, S., Schnell, M., Dowling, M., Faisst, W., Mordvinova, O, Pflaum, A., Rabe, M., Veith, E., Niesse, A., Gülpen, C., Terzidis, O., Riss, U., Eckerle, C., Manthey, S., Pehlken, A., Zielinski, O.; Februar / 2022

Sampling Strategies for Static Powergrid Models

Stephan Balduin. and Eric Veith. and Sebastian Lehnhoff.; Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications - SIMULTECH,; 2022


Comparison of Random Sampling and Heuristic Optimization-Based Methods for Determining the Flexibility Potential at Vertical System Interconnections

Gerster, Johannes and Sarstedt, Marcel and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Hofmann, Lutz; 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe); 2021

Pointing out the Convolution Problem of Stochastic Aggregation Methods for the Determination of Flexibility Potentials at Vertical System Interconnections

Johannes Gerster and Marcel Sarstedt and Eric M. S. P. Veith and Sebastian Lehnhoff and Lutz Hofmann; ENERGY 2021, The Eleventh International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies; May / 2021

Towards a Universally Applicable Neural StateEstimation through Transfer Learning

Balduin, Stephan and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Berezin, Alexander and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Oberließen, Thomas and Kittl, Chris and Hiry, Johannes and Rehtanz, Christian and Torres-Villareal, Giancarlo and Leksawat, Sasiphon and Kubis, Andreas and Frankenbach, Marc-Aurel; 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe); 2021

Towards reinforcement learning for vulnerability analysis in power-economic systems

Wolgast, Thomas and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Nieße, Astrid; Energy Informatics; 2021

Towards Reinforcement Learning for Vulnerability Detection in Power Systems and Markets: Poster

Wolgast, Thomas and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Nieße, Astrid; Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems; 2021


Analyzing Power Grid, ICT, and Market Without Domain Knowledge Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Veith, Eric MSP and Balduin, Stephan and Wenninghoff, Nils and Tröschel, Martin and Fischer, Lars and Nieße, Astrid and Wolgast, Thomas and Sethmann, Richard and Fraune, Bastian and Woltjen, Torben; CYBER 2020, The Fifth International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems; October / 2020

Explainable Reinforcement Learning: A Survey

Puiutta, Erika and Veith, Eric M. S. P.; Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction; March / 2020

Flexibility management and provisionof balancing services with battery-electricautomated guided vehicles in the Hamburgcontainer terminal Altenwerder

Stefanie Holly, Astrid Nieße, Martin Tröschel, Lasse Hammer, Christoph Franzius, Viktor Dmitriyev, Johannes Dorfner, Eric MSP Veith, Christine Harnischmacher, Maike Greve, Kristin Masuch, Lutz Kolbe, Boris Wulff & Julian Kretz ; Oct / 2020

Large-Scale Co-Simulation of Power Grid and Communication Network Models with Software in the Loop

Veith, Eric MSP and Kazmi, Jawad and Balduin, Stephan; ENERGY 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies; September / 2020

Robust and Deterministic Scheduling of Power Grid Actors

Frost, Emilie and Veith, Eric MSP and Fischer, Lars; 7th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies (CoDIT); June / 2020

The Spectrum of Proactive, Resilient Multi-Microgrid Scheduling: A Systematic Literature Review

Spiegel, Michael H and Veith, Eric and Strasser, Thomas I; Energies; 2020



Adversarial Resilience Learning — Towards Systematic Vulnerability Analysis for Large and Complex Systems

Fischer, Lars and Memmen, Jan-Menno and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Tröschel, Martin; ENERGY 2019, The Ninth International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies; 2019

Analyzing Cyber-Physical Systems from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Eric M.S.P. Veith, Lars Fischer, Martin Tröschel, Astrid Nieße; International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control; December / 2019


of Eric Veith



Automatische Generierung von Modellen für Prädiktion, Testen und Monitoring cyber-physischer Systeme

Duration: 2022 - 2025



Large-Scale Smart Grid Application Roll-Out

Duration: 2017 - 2020



Polymorphic agents as cross-sectional software technology for the analysis of the operational safety of cyber-physical systems

Duration: 2019 - 2022



Boosting Renovation Industry with AI

Duration: 2022 - 2025


Resilience for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Duration: 2022 - 2025



Transfer learning for AI business model innovations in digital, transparent distribution grids

Duration: 2020 - 2024