Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World 2008

Henze, Niels and Broll, Gregor and Rukzio, Enrico and Rohs, Michael and Zimmermann, Andreas
Supplementary conference proceedings of MobileHCI
The Mobile HCI community is moving beyond the interaction between a single user and her mobile device taking the users environment into account. Mobile interaction with the real world concentrates on using mobile devices as tools to interact with real world objects. This workshop continues the successful mobile interaction with the real world workshops 2006 and 2007. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to) mobile interaction with the real world; mobile devices as user interfaces for terminals; and Frameworks, middleware and APIs for the development of applications that take mobile interactions with the real world into account. The workshop combines technical presentations with the presentation of prototypes and focused discussions to drive interaction between participants.
09 / 2008
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices