Wellness 2.0 - Sharing Personal Health Experiences

Meyer, Jochen and Poppinga, Benjamin and Boll, Susanne
Wellness is more than just a spa where we go twice a week to relax and enjoy nice treatments. In future, we will more and more take care of our well-being in all activities of our daily life, wherever we go, whatever we do. We can observe a recent shift from monitoring patients with a concrete disease to the mobile monitoring of our daily lives' activities, contributing to our motivation to eat well, do sports, staying healthy. One of the next really big steps will be to actually reveal and communicate these "personal health experiences", as we call it, with others. The idea of the social web will be applied to share our health experiences to foster unseen services and applications. The wisdom of the crowd will be an enormous asset to share and benefit from the personal health experiences of others.
04 / 2010
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