Visualization in Health Grid Environments: A Novel Service and Business Approach

Dickmann,Frank and Kaspar,Mathias and Löhnhardt,Benjamin and Kepper,Nick and Viezens,Fred and Hertel,Frank and Lesnussa,Michael and Mohammed,Yassene and Thiel,Andreas and Steinke,Thomas and Bernarding,Johannes and Krefting,Dagmar and Knoch,Tobias and Sax,Ulrich
Grid Economics and Business Models
Advanced visualization technologies are gaining major importance to allow presentation and manipulation of high dimensional data. Since new health technologies are constantly increasing in complexity, adequate information processing is required for diagnostics and treatment. Therefore, the German D-Grid initiative started to build visualization centers in 2008, which have recently been embedded into the existing compute and storage infrastructure. This paper describes an analysis of this infrastructure and the interplay with life science applications for 3D and 4D visualization and manipulation. Furthermore, the performance and business aspects regarding accounting, pricing and billing are investigated. The results show the viability and the opportunities for further optimization of this novel service approach and the possibilities for a sustainable business scenario.
08 / 2009
Springer Berlin
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Informations- und Dokumentationsmanagement verteilter Daten für die Forschung, Lehre und Fortbildung
Volume 5745/2009