Views on Service Oriented Architectures in the Context of Smart Grids

Postina, Matthias and Rohjans, Sebastian and Steffens, Ulrike and Uslar, Mathias
2010 First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications
The transfer from the current power grid to the power grid of the future implicates major changes for all stakeholders participating in the smart grid. Hence, utilities have to face several novel problems in terms of service provision. In this contribution, we examine two complementary views in the overall context of smart grids. We argue for a combination of those two views, based on ontology mappings. We explain a generic top-down and EA-related view, focused on intra-enterprise communication as well as a very domain-specific, technical bottomup view, focused on inter-enterprise communication. The topdown view supports architects in reorganizing and developing enterprise SOA, whereas the bottom-up view takes into account the CIM (IEC 61970/61968), OPC UA (IEC 62541) and semantic web services to cope with technical interoperability in an utility domain-specific SOA. The combination of those two views results in the capability for smart grid stakeholders to realize seamless information exchange among field and IT.
10 / 2010
Semantik für das Smart Grid - S2G
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