Using IEC 61499 and OPC-UA to Implement a Self-Organising Plug and Produce System

Jörg Walter, Kim Grüttner and Wolfgang Nebel
The 5th International Workshop on Model-driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE 2018)
In industrial production systems, robotic arms are a common type of universal production facility. Traditionally, they serve a fixed purpose within a production chain. From the Industry 4.0 context, the idea of “Plug and Produce” has emerged, which aims to make production facilities more universally and dynamically usable.We present a miniature model of an industrial production line that supports Plug & Produce. We programmed all control systems using 4diac, an implementation of IEC/ISO standard 61499, and used OPC-UA as communication layer. From building this system, we found that the chosen tools are well suited for implementation, although modelling the system would benefit from an abstraction on top of IEC 61499.
10 / 2018