Using Guided Simulation to Improve a Model-Based Design Process of Complex Human Machine Systems

Puch, Stefan and Wortelen, Bertram and Fränzle, Martin and Peikenkamp, Thomas
Proceedings of the 2012 European Simulation and Modelling Conference
Model-based risk assessment of human machine systems in safety critical environments is a difficult task. The complexity of the system and the inherent probabilistic nature of the human operators make an exhaustive formal analysis unfeasible. In this paper a concept for an efficient exploration of critical situations is presented. Two algorithms for identification of critical situations and estimation of their probabilities are introduced. Complexity is handled by an intelligent guidance strategy and an adjustable concept of abstraction. We discuss advantages and shortcomings of our approach on a theoretical level. Finally an evaluation plan of the presented concept is outlined. It will investigate the effects of a driver assistance system in a driver-car-environment system. This study utilizes a detailed cognitive driver model for the driver component of the system.
10 / 2012
The European Technology Institute
Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation 2 (sorry - only available in german)

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