Towards Probabilistic Timing Analysis for SDFGs on Tile Based Heterogeneous MPSoCs

Ralf Stemmer and Hai-Dang Vuy and Kim Grüttner andSebastien Le Nours and Wolfgang Nebel and Sebastien Pillement
In Proceedings of Embedded Real Time Software and Systems Conference (ERTS 2020)
Performance and timing prediction of complex parallel data flow applications on multi-core systems is still a very difficult discipline.The reason for it comes from the complexity of the hardware platforms with difficult or hard to predict timing propertiesand the rising complexity of the software itself.In this work, we are proposing the combination of timing measurement and statistical simulation modelsfor probabilistic timing and performance prediction of Synchronous Data Flow (SDF) applications on tile-based MPSoCs.We compare our work against mathematical and traditional simulation based performance prediction models. We have shown that the accuracy and execution time of our simulation can be suitable for design space exploration.

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