Towards modular composition of agent-based voltage control concepts

Wolgast, Thomas and Nieße, Astrid
Energy Informatics
In the last years, diverse agent-based concepts for voltage control in distribution grids were presented in literature. All these approaches are developed manually. Up to now, no tailoring approach has been presented to adapt these concepts to different - likewise specific - grid situations. As the effectiveness of voltage control schemes is highly dependent on the specific grid situation, this can result in multiple problems with regard to performance, applicability and expandability of the proposed agent-based control. The ideal case would be a customizable agent system that is automatically tailored to the grid it shall be applied to, considering its specific characteristics. To address that complex task, this paper proposes an approach for the modular composition of voltage control agents by recombining existing concepts from literature to new fully functional agent systems. This approach makes the first move to an optimized and scenario-specific creation of agent-based control systems that are specifically designed and automatically tailored to a given power system.