Towards automation in AFM based nanomanipulation and electron beam induced deposition for microstructuring

Krohs, F. and Luttermann, T. and Stolle, C. and Fatikow, S. and Brousseau, E. and Dimov, S.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture
To move towards complex assemblies at the micro- and nanoscale, manipulation processes have to be automated to increase throughput and accuracy. First, this paper addresses manipulation at the nanoscale by an AFM and second, automated electron beam induced deposition as a method for structuring at the microscale is presented. Nowadays, AFM based nanomanipulation still requires frequent user interaction and remains a very labor intensive task. Spatial uncertainties are identified as a major problem that prevents reliable automation of AFM based manipulation. Results of a novel particle filter based method for measuring thermal drift in an AFM system is presented and future applications for probabilistic methods are discussed.The automation of electron beam induced deposition (EBiD) for microstructuring purposes builds a multifunctional tool for additive structuring and also bonding inside an SEM. The presented system has the ability to create EBiD depositions from two different precursor materials by automatically executing predefined sequences. The automation includes the precursor flux control with the possibility to alternate between two materials, the deposition of points and lines at defined positions, as well as the ability to find and track already deposited structures with the use of digital image processing. This assures precise positioning of depositions relative to others even in cases of thermal or electrostatic drifting of the specimen substrate or the electron beam.
09 / 2008