Towards an Integrated Process for Interactive Surface Application Development

Hesselmann, Tobias and Boll, Susanne and Heuten, Wilko
The specific characteristics of ITS systems introduce many challenges and questions regarding application development for such systems. Most notably, developers are faced with the question what methods they should employ to build efficiently and effectively usable applications for ITS devices. On the one hand, abstract and device agnostic design processes, such as the human-centred design process, provide a basic outline for development. On the other hand, a multitude of specific methods, such as device specific guidelines or design patterns for ITS systems, provide very concrete guidance on a finer granularity level. In this paper we argue that both extremes are not sufficient to guide developers throughout the development process alone, and that there is demand for an integrated development process, which specifically considers the specifics of ITS systems. With SCIVA, we propose such a process, which focuses on the gestural and visual affordances of ITS systems.
06 / 2011