Towards a Consensus Gesture Set: A Survey of Mid-Air Gestures in HCI for Maximized Agreement Across Domains

Hosseini, Masoumehsadat and Ihmels, Tjado and Chen, Ziqian and Koelle, Marion and Müller, Heiko and Boll, Susanne
Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Mid-air gesture-based systems are becoming ubiquitous. Many mid-air gestures control different kinds of interactive devices, applications, and systems. They are, however, still targeted at specific devices in specific domains and are not necessarily consistent across domain boundaries. A comprehensive evaluation of the transferability of gesture vocabulary between domains is also lacking. Consequently, interaction designers cannot decide which gestures to use for which domain. In this systematic literature review, we contribute to the future research agenda in this area, based on an analysis of 172 papers. As part of our analysis, we clustered gestures according to the dimensions of an existing taxonomy to identify their common characteristics in different domains, and we investigated the extent to which existing mid-air gesture sets are consistent across different domains. We derived a consensus gesture set containing 22 gestures based on agreement rates calculation and considered their transferability across different domains.
Association for Computing Machinery
CHI '23