That was my Life - Creating Personal Chronicles at the End of Life

Sandhaus, Philipp and Baumgartner, Hannah and Meyer, Jochen and Boll, Susanne and
Photographs are a means to capture the important events of our life for a long time. The advent of digital photography has much increased the number of photographs taken in our daily life. While at the concrete moment photos are often used to remember and share events such the arrival of a baby or a wedding, they might become a valuable asset at the end of the life to look back on the own roots and past. Biography work is often done by looking at selected photos and telling friends and family about the many events and persons that formed the personal history. We propose to support this process by providing tools and methods to easily find and select photos of the important phases of one’s life and arrange them into a beautiful photo book. Such a book can become a precious piece of collected memories and a means for communication of the individual and the relatives and friends.
04 / 2010