System Dynamics Inspired Sensor Modeling and Simulation

Sören Schweigert
Applications within the automotive and roboticsdomain highly depend on the correct sensor perception. In order to validate the partial safety-critical requirements for sensor processing, simulation tools are prevalent. The comparison between simulated and perceived environments allows conclusions about the quality of the sensor processing. To obtain accurate quality estimations, the simulation has to provide realistic sensor measurements. This is important in order to facilitate a subsequent integration with the physical sensors. In this work a system dynamics inspired modeling and simulation approach is presented, that allows describing both the sensors, as well as the so far often neglected environmental conditions and sensor interferences. In addition the model is capable to be transferred into a context specific shader program at simulation runtime to enable fast and efficient computation on the used graphics hardware
11 / 2012
Sichere autonome Logistik- und Transportfahrzeuge im Außenbereich