Synthesizing hardware from object-oriented descriptions

Radetzki, Martin and Nebel, Wolfgang
Hardware synthesis from programming languages, including object-oriented ones such as C++ and Java, has recently attracted a lot of interest from researchers and users. Increasingly, the object-oriented aspect is being stressed. In this paper, several approaches to describing hardware by means of object-orientation are investigated with respect to their support for synthesis. We have formulated a more general, language-independent conceptual framework for the system-level synthesis of not only objects, but also their communication in a concurrent context. An example demonstrates that the concepts can be made practical by generating VHDL code which can be further processed with high-level and RTL synthesis tools.
01 / 1999
FDL 1999, Forum on Design Languages, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon / France, 30. August-3. September 1999

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