Social, Natural, and Peripheral Interactions: Together and Separate

Riener, Andreas and Alvarez, Ignacio and Pfleging, Bastian and Löcken, Andreas and Jeon, Myhounghoon and Müller, Heiko and Chiesa, Mario
Adjunct Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications
A major challenge in the future of traffic is to understand how "socially-aware vehicles" could be making use of their social habitus, formed by any information that can be inferred from past and present social relations, social interactions, and a driver's social state when exposed to other participants in real, live traffic. The aim of this workshop in recognition of this challenge is to advance on a common understanding of the symbiosis between drivers, cars, and the infrastructure. The central objective of the workshop is to provoke an active debate on the adequacy of the concept of social, natural, and peripheral interaction, addressing questions such as "who can communicate what", "when", "how", and "why"? To tackle these questions, we would like to collect different, radical, innovative, versatile, and engaging works that challenge or re-imagine human interactions in the near future automobile space.
AutomotiveUI '14

OFFIS Autoren