Services Surround You: Physical-Virtual Linkage with Contextual Bookmarks

Henze, Niels and Reiners, Rene and Righetti, Xavier and Rukzio, Enrico and Boll, Susanne
Our daily life is pervaded by digital information and devices, not least the common mobile phone. However, a seamless connection between our physical world, such as a movie trailer on a screen in the main rail station and its digital counterparts, such as an online ticket service, remains difficult. In this paper, we present contextual bookmarks that enable users to capture information of interest with a mobile camera phone. Depending on the user's context, the snapshot is mapped to a digital service such as ordering tickets for a movie theater close by or a link to the upcoming movie's Web page.
01 / 2008
Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices
Springer Berlin / Heidelberg