Safe, Deterministic Trajectory Planning for Unstructured and Partially Occluded Environments

Sebastian vom Dorff, Maximilian Kneißl, Martin Fränzle
24th IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC)
Ensuring safe behavior for automated vehicles in unregulated traffic areas poses a complex challenge for the industry. It is an open problem to provide scalable and certifiable solutions to this challenge. We derive a trajectory planner based on model predictive control which interoperates with a monitoring system for pedestrian safety based on cellular automata. The combined planner-monitor system is demonstrated on the example of a narrow indoor parking environment. The system features deterministic behavior, mitigating the immanent risk of black boxes and offering full certifiability. By using fundamental and conservative prediction models of pedestrians the monitor is able to determine a safe drivable area in the partially occluded and unstructured parking environment. The information is fed to the trajectory planner which ensures the vehicle remains in the safe drivable area at any time through constrained …
09 / 2021