Quality properties of IEC 62559 use cases and SGAM models

Kuchenbuch, René and Schütz, Johann and Sauer, Jürgen
Energy Informatics
The Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) and the IEC 62559-2 Use Case Template are essential representatives of the Requirements Engineering of energy systems to promote interoperability. In particular, the quality of the use case descriptions and SGAM models is crucial for the system understanding. In order to measure and assess the quality of given use cases of the SGAM models, the aim of this research is to determine those requirements and quality characteristics. Based on a literature review, general best practices for deriving use cases and SGAM models are obtained. The results can be used to concept far-reaching supportive systems or to evaluate IEC 62559 use case descriptions and SGAM models.
October / 2023
Interoperability Network for the Energy Transition