Precise Assessment of Self-Selected Gait Velocity in Domestic Environments

Frenken, Thomas and Gövercin, Mehmet and Mersmann, Sebastian and Hein, Andreas
Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth)
A novel approach to precise and reliable computation of self-selected gait velocity in domestic environments based on the measurements of a laser range scanner is presented. The computation does not require a priori knowledge of the environment. The sensor is part of an ambient assessment system under development which is meant to objectively measure and compare capacity and performance in mobility. Possible application fields may be early detection or differential diagnosis in dementia and assessment of fall risk. Regarding the challenges of future health systems due to the demographic change delaying need of care or preventing falls in dementia can help decrease costs while increasing perceived quality of life for people concerned and their carers. Within this paper we present our theoretic concept and algorithm for computing self-selected gait velocity utilizing measurement from a laser range scanner. Results of an experiment show that the laser range scanner delivers precise measurement and in the future may be used for absolutely unobtrusive analysis of spatio-temporal parameters of gait even in demented people.
03 / 2010
Technische Universitat Munchen
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